Patient and Public

Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

Modernising Medical Microbiology are organising a Patient and Public event on the 30th June. To sign up  visit this page

About our Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Activities

The MMM main objective related to Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI&E) program is to have greater appreciation of the public’s perception of research, which helps us better presenting and describing our job to the public. The researcher activities we work on are:

  • OUH Trust infection control committee
  • Patient/public advisors
  • Artist in residence
  • Interactive sessions, including Oxford BRC open days, public presentations and meetings. To read more click here
  • Infections in Oxford Research Database (iORD) steering committee

Through OUH Foundation Trust membership we have a wide-ranging group of over 130 patients, carers and interested parties, who have applied to take active roles in the PPI&E program on infection and antibiotics. To read more and register your interest please click here.

Our PPI&E activities in all stages of the research conducted aim to:

  • Increase the relevance of research to the public
  • Build in public perspectives on priorities for new research
  • Improve the accessibility of research and researchers to establish points of contact and increase understanding
  • Influence research and clinical studies, ensuring that information leaflets are clear and relevant and that outputs are what the public expect and want
  • Develop advocates of infectious diseases research initiatives

Patient and Public Involvement Group in Infectious Diseases Research

If you are interested in being a part of our public engagement team, please get in contact!  You can use the updates form on the right, and leave us a message expressing your interest. 

If you have any concerns regarding your data or your relatives’ data being used for this research please email Derrick Crook to discuss this with a member of the team