Clean Hands! Working with local schools

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Pupils at Cokethorpe Junior School proudly display their Hand Washing posters and prizes

 Clean your hands! 

Members of the Modernising Medical Microbiology (MMM) Group have been working to improve hand hygiene education in collaboration with local schools.  They taught  sixth form students at Cokethorpe School about how germs spread as part of a lunch-time biology group. Students swabbed hands and their environment, and studied the bacteria that grew.

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The Sixth-form students then gave an Assembly  presentation to younger school children about the importance of washing hands. After this, the younger students at Cokethorpe Junior School  aged 4 to 11  produced some great art work about the importance of washing your hands!

Rates of absenteeism due to sickness at the school will be compared before and after the Assembly, to see whether hand hygiene education delivered by peers  reduces days off due to sickness.

The pictures produced by the younger students are currently on display at the John Radcliffe Hospital, encouraging Doctors, Nurses and everyone in the hospital to remember to clean their hands and prevent the spread of germs!

We at MMM would like to thank all the pupils at Cokethorpe School for all their great work.

Here are just a few of the posters – we’ll aim to have them all up soon!



All images: Copyright MMM. Permission from Cokethorpe School for reproduction by MMM for purposes of public engagement. Please do not re-use without permission from both MMM and Cokethorpe School.

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