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Staphylococcus aureus

 Staphylococcus aureus (or Staph. aureus) is a bacterium that lives harmlessly on the skin. However, Staph. aureus can also cause infections, particularly in hospitalised patients. Hospital staff work hard to prevent patients from developing Staph aureus infections. They do this … Continue reading

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Direct sputum sequencing

Genetic sequencing offers same-day TB testing Researchers have for the first time shown that standard tuberculosis (TB) diagnostic tests can be replaced by a sub-24 hour genetic test applied to the TB bacteria in a patient’s sputum. Read more…  

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MMM Conference 14th March 2017

This year’s Modernising Medical Microbiology 2017 Conference, showcasing the 8th year of work arising from the consortium, will take place on Tuesday 14th March at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. More information can be found in the brochure. Registration for conference … Continue reading

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MMM’s work helps elucidate that antibiotics played the main role in driving mid-2000s C. difficile epidemics

  MMM researchers at Oxford and Leeds, and PHE, have published a major piece of research proving that overuse of antibiotics was the main driver of the C. difficile (C. diff) epidemic that took place in the UK by mid-2000s. … Continue reading

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Whole-genome sequencing to combat spread of Gonorrhoea

Doctors and scientists from MMM, Public Health England and The Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton published their whole-genome sequencing based tool to track the spread of Neisseria gonorrhoea infections in The Lancet Infectious Diseases today. Using samples collected in Britain and the USA they found genetic evidence from the infections … Continue reading

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MMM wins the Academy of Medical Sciences, My Team Science Competition

MMM recently won the Academy of Medical Sciences ‘My Team Science’ Competition! In this competition, groups were charged with creating an image which showed how they collaborated in Scientific Research. Clickk on the image to see how we work together … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Prof. Derrick Crook on PHE Appointment

Professor Derrick Crook has been appointed Director of the National Infection Service of Public Health England (PHE) In his new role, as well as leading Modernising Medical Microbiology  Research, he will lead and direct the specialist reference and diagnostic microbiology health … Continue reading

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MMM on BBC and The Guardian

MMM, via Anna Dumitriu and John Paul, will be on the BBC world news on Wednesday 15th of January and in The Guardian on Thursday 16th of January.

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Restricting antibiotics could be key to fighting “superbug”

New ways are needed to fight the infection Clostridium difficile and better use of antibiotics could be key, according to the authors of ground breaking research. The research, led by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust and the University of Oxford, … Continue reading

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UKCRC MMM Artist in Residence

Artist Anna Dumitriu is funded by the Leverhulme Trust Artist in Residence Award to work with the UKCRC “Modernising Medical Microbiology” consortium at The University of Oxford. She will spend a year shadowing scientists on the project and investigating their … Continue reading

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